Fashion Marketing & Management

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Fashion Marketing & Management
Bachelor of Science
Published June 1, 2016

Student Learning Outcomes

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Technology: Graduates utilize advanced business and design software for marketing, management, publications, social media, communication and visual merchandising.

Marketing: Graduates analyze consumer behavior utilizing target markets, demographics, product development, psychographics, and cultural, social and individual variables to influence the buyer decision process.

Management: Graduates apply the elements of management processes including personnel, operations, finance, and supply chain distribution.

Visual Merchandising: Graduates design and critique visual merchandising as a communication tool to target-market merchandise to the consumer.

Graduates demonstrate professional presentation skills through integrating and articulating appropriate communication skills, knowledge of fashion marketing and management and industry standards, professional practices, and ethics.

Graduates evaluate and assess fashion branding, utilizing product trends, brand identity, and forecasting as related to creating a brand image.

Program Courses


ADV4804C Digital Media Campaigns
BUL3130 Business Law
CTE1400C Fundamentals of Apparel Textiles
CTE1510 Fashion History
CTE1600 Trends & Concepts in Apparel
CTE1708C Fashion Digital Design Fundamentals
CTE1760 Manufacturing Apparel Concepts
CTE1841C Apparel Evaluation & Production
CTE2765C Fashion Product Development
CTE2778C Computer Fashion Design
CTE2810 Elements of Retail Operations
CTE2821C Merchandise Mathematics
CTE2827C Merchandise Buying
CTE2894C Graphic Communication in Fashion
CTE3110C Fashion Styling for Photography
CTE3464 Tariff, Trade, and Resourcing
CTE3533C Fashion Research & Sourcing
CTE3786C Product Data Management
CTE3850C Fashion Show Production
CTE3865C Strategic Merchandise Management
CTE4813 Fashion Entrepreneurship
CTE4933 Senior Merchandising Project-Planning
CTE4934C Senior Merchandising Project-Development
CTE4935C Senior Merchandising Project-Presentation
GRA3521C Creative Web Development
MAN2024 Fashion Business Management Practices
MAN3143 Business Management - Leadership
MAR1010 Fundamentals of Marketing
MAR3414C Design Sales
MAR3156 International Marketing
MAR3500 Consumer Behavior
MAR3939 Current Topics in Fashion Marketing
MAR4800 Brand Marketing & Strategy
MKA1041 Introduction to Retailing
MKA2100C Visual Merchandising
MKA3101C Store Planning
PUR3008 Public Relations and Promotion
SLS3355 Professional Development
SLS4943 Internship - Bachelor


ARH2000 Art Appreciation
BSC1001 Fundamentals of Biological Science
ISC1004 or Fundamentals of Physical Science
MET1001 or Weather and Climate
OCB1010 or Marine Biology
OCE2001 or Oceanography
PHY2020 or Foundations of Physics
CLP1006 Psychology of Personal Effectiveness
CGS1160C Computer Science
COM1442 Team Effectiveness
COM1041 or Interpersonal Communications
ECO2013 Principles of Macroeconomics
ENC1101 English Composition
ENC1145 Topics for Composition
MGF1211 General College Mathematics
MAC1105 or College Algebra
MAD1104 or Discrete Math
PHI3800 Principles of Aesthetics
PSY3025 Psychology of Color
SPC1608 Principles of Public Speaking
SYG2000 Introduction to Sociology
PSY2010 or Introduction to Psychology
WOH2012 Ancient and Medieval Civilizations

Four General Education Elective Courses

Credits Required 117

Credits Required 54


Program Electives


Three Program Elective Courses

Credits Required 9

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