Fashion Marketing & Management

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Fashion Marketing & Management
Published June 1, 2016

Student Learning Outcomes

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Technology: Graduates demonstrate proficiency in current industry technology and software related to business and marketing.

Marketing: Graduates demonstrate knowledge of the four elements of marketing: product, place, promotion and price.

Visual Merchandising: Graduates demonstrate the knowledge of visual merchandising as a communication tool.

Professionalism: Graduates apply and articulate professional standards and business concepts related to retail and fashion industries.

Program Courses


ADV4804C Digital Media Campaigns
CTE1400C Fundamentals of Apparel Textiles
CTE1600 Trends & Concepts in Apparel
CTE1760 Manufacturing Apparel Concepts
CTE1841C Apparel Evaluation & Production
CTE2810 Elements of Retail Operations
MAN2024 Fashion Business Management Practices
MAN3143 Business Management – Leadership
MAR1010 Fundamentals of Marketing
MAR3414C Design Sales
MAR3500 Consumer Behavior
MAR3939 Current Topics in Fashion Marketing
MAR4800 Brand Marketing & Strategy
MKA1041 Introduction to Retailing
MKA2100C Visual Merchandising
PUR3008 Public Relations and Promotion

Credits Required 48


Program Electives

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