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Eddie Bullinger

Eddie Bullinger

I graduated from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale confident in my portfolio and my skill set. I was really excited to start my career. Eddie Bullinger , Creative Director 1996 , The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale

1996, Associate of Science, Visual Communications

Creative Director, Implements Design Concepts Across All Media

Eddie Bullinger is the creative director at LEAD Marketing Agency, responsible for building and directing the creative team. “My goal is to create and implement design concepts efficiently and consistently across all media. I'm passionate about creating compelling and functional designs that solve problems, reinforce the brand, and get results,” he says.

His extensive design experience includes working at Republic Windows, Digital Metropolis, and Murdoch Marketing. Eddie adds that one of the best parts of his job is that there’s no typical day. “Each day presents a new set of problems, and it is our responsibility to use our creativity to solve them.”

Eddie describes his career as challenging. “I was very lucky to land my first job in a department with a progressive, trusting boss and talented, and patient co-workers. They really helped me transition to the real world. In addition to this on-the-job training, I would spend an extra hour or two per day learning new programs and doing my best to keep up with changes in technology. At the time, the internet was still pretty new and I had just received my first email address.”

While the office environment has differed from one job to the next, Eddie works to create a workplace where everyone is informed and encouraged to contribute. “I'm hiring talented people and I don't want to hold them back.” He is excited to work in a field where his creativity makes a difference. “Everywhere I've worked, there has been nowhere to hide. You either solve the problem, or you don't.”

He mentions that he’s challenged to learn the business side of design and work directly with decision makers. “With each promotion, I seem to get further from production and closer to strategy. Which is great, I love solving problems. However, these meetings often have business language that is as foreign to me, as CSS, vector graphics, and color separations would be to them.”

In 1996, he earned an Associate of Science in Visual Communications from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. “I graduated from school confident in my portfolio and my skill set. I was really excited to start my career.” Eddie recommends that current students never stop learning new things. “The biggest obstacle I've had to overcome has been the constant struggle to keep up with technology. Luckily, I've always been interested in what comes next and I enjoy learning.” 

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