Instructional Technology & Design

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Instructional Technology & Design
Bachelor of Science
Published June 1, 2016

Student Learning Outcomes

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  • Technical: Graduates utilize industry-specific computer software programs to create and present concrete projects demonstrating mastery of technical aspects of prepress, output, and high quality reproduction.
  • Design: Graduates will analyze and incorporate aesthetics and formal concepts of layout and design. This includes spatial relationship; communication legibility and effectiveness; interrelationships among imagery and text; balance; typography; and color theory.
  • Conceptual: Graduates demonstrate design concepts integrating historical and contemporary trends and social context by producing successful visual solutions to assigned problems.
  • Communication: Graduates demonstrate the interdependence of content and visual expression; evaluate and critique their design concept; articulate the vision behind their creative work, and defend their creative solutions.
  • Professional Presentation: Graduates integrate knowledge of industry standards, professional practices and ethics in their work and self-presentation.

Program Courses


RS092 College Success
DFVA208 Media Business Practices
FND105 Design Fundamentals
FND135 Image Manipulation
FND150 Digital Color Theory
GADA302 Mobile & Social Game Design
GWDA101 Applications & Industry
GWDA111 Introduction to Layout Design
GWDA112 Typography- Traditional
GWDA122 Typography- Hierarchy
GWDA132 Information Architecture
GWDA133 Fundamentals of Web Design
GWDA202 Interface Design
GWDA204 Introduction to Writing for Interactive Media
GWDA243 Object-Oriented Scripting
GWDA273 Intermediate Web Design
GWDA303 Interactive Motion Graphics
GWDA353 Server-Side Scripting
INSA103 Instructional Technology Integration
INSA105 Psychology of Learning
INSA115 Learning Theories & Strategies
INSA125 Foundations of Instructional Design
INSA202 Curriculum Design
INSA205 Developing Instructional Materials I
INSA207 Evaluation, Assessment & Analysis of Learning
INSA212 Advanced Instructional Design
INSA215 Developing Instructional Materials II\
INSA217 Interaction Management
INSA302 User Experience Design
INSA303 Digital Media Production
INSA305 Foundations of Game-Based Learning
INSA307 Introduction to Research Methods
INSA313 Learning Management Systems
INSA317 Instructional Technology & Design Project Management
INSA327 Instructional Technology & Design Capstone I
INSA402 Instructional Technology & Design Capstone II
INSA406 Internship OR Elective III*
INSA412 Special Topics in Instructional Technology & Design
INSA409 Portfolio
Elective I*
Elective II*


HU110 College English
HU111 Effective Speaking
HU130 Visual Language & Culture
HU430 General Education Capstone
MS111 College Algebra or MS114 Traditional Geometry
Humanities Requirement – Upper Division
Humanities Art Requirement – Upper Division
Humanities Writing Requirement – Upper Division
General Education Requirement
General Education Requirement – Upper Division
General Education Requirement – Upper Division
Mathematics & Sciences Requirement – Upper Division
Social Behavioral Sciences Requirement
Social Behavioral Sciences Requirement
Social Behavioral Sciences Requirement – Upper Division


Program Electives

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