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Game Programming
Bachelor of Science
Published June 1, 2016
This program can be completed on ground, blended (plus) or online.

Student Learning Outcomes

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Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will have the opportunity to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to use basic concepts and traditional art methods in the production of gaming projects.
  • Demonstrate command of industry specific technical skills to the production of specific gaming projects.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the managerial and developmental aspects of the game production pipeline and demonstrate knowledge of planning, scope, soft skills, problem solving, deadlines and economics that go into making a market-ready game..
  • Demonstrate the ability to present their work professionally and demonstrate their commitment to professionalism through effective self-marketing.
  • Demonstrate clear verbal communication and critical thinking skills and work as a team member within the field.

Program Courses


RS092 College Success
FS497 Portfolio II
GA1121 Survey of the Game Industry
GA2201 Game Design & Game Play
GA3312 Level Design
GA4402 Senior Project Planning
GA4412 Senior Project I
GP1101 Principles of Game Design
GP1103 Introduction to Graphics
GP1105 Fundamentals of Programming I
GP1110 Fundamentals of Programming II
GP1111 Coding for Games I
GP1114 Console Programming I
GP1120 Math for Developers I
GP1126 Object-Oriented Programming
GP1128 Continuous Mathematics for Applications
GP1140 Geometry for Computer Graphics
GP2099 Game Preproduction
GP2101 2-D Programming
GP2103 Introduction to Graphics II
GP2111 Coding for Games II
GP2114 Console Programming II
GP2120 Math for Game Developers II
GP2215 Programming for Shading I
GP2230 Physics of Motion, Light & Sound
GP3099 Game Production
GP3111 Coding for Games III
GP3112 Advanced Concepts in Programming I
GP3212 Advanced Concepts in Programming II
GP3310 Game Tools Development
GP3315 Programming for Shading II
GP3321 Artificial Intelligence in Game Design
GP3599 Programming Multiplayer Games
GP4099Game Post-Production
GP4101 Advanced Artificial Intelligence in Game Design
GP4111 Coding for Games IV
GP4422 Senior Project II
GP4430 Game Engine Scripting
GP4440 Game Engine Scripting II
Elective 1*
Elective 2*
Elective 3*


HU110 College English
HU111 Effective Speaking
HU130 Visual Language & Culture
Humanities Art Requirement – Upper-Division
Humanities Requirement – Upper-Division
Humanities Writing Requirement – Upper-Division
General Education Requirement
General Education Requirement – Upper-Division
General Education Requirement – Upper-Division
MS111 College Algebra OR MS114 Traditional Geometry
Mathematics & Sciences Requirement – Upper-Division
Social & Behavioral Sciences Requirement
Social & Behavioral Sciences Requirement
Social & Behavioral Sciences Requirement – Upper-Division


Program Electives

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