Film produced by Ai Houston Instructor Scott Noe

By: Anne Dean Filed under: Film & Production

November 5, 2018

Sanitatum poster

Art Institute of Houston Instructor Scott Noe has produced the movie Sanitatum released theatrically on October 5 in New York City, Houston and Los Angeles, with additional digital distribution. A number of Bachelor of Science in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production students worked on the movie, to include: Ahmed Sacid Ari, Amanda Nandlal, Andre D. Burns, Ashley Johnson, Christopher Bonds, Christopher Osby Jr., David M. Martin, Erin Pierce, Ethan Duke, Geraton Fuller, Jeffery Drager, Manny Moreno, Marc Hinton, Michael Fritz, Ross Barber, Stacey Aaron, Tony Garcia, Wayne Kimble Jr., Yvonne Yahjaira Beatriz Martinez, Zariane Nuñez, and Gary Hudson.

“The sins of the wealthy are often buried, and it is the children who suffer in silence; it is they who bear the scars. Four survivors of childhood abuse, now high-functioning and successful adults, find themselves suspects in an investigation into a series of vigilante murders. Behind the careful facades of their households lie dark and disturbing secrets. Two detectives-a seasoned cop whose soul is jeopardy, and his impetuous female partner-attempt to track down a killer with an aberrant agenda and a creative vision of karmic justice. In order to find the killer and put an end to the murders, they seek counsel in a conflicted psychiatrist who finds herself in a dangerous position-torn between her patients, and falling in love with a detective who may unhinge their world.”

Scott Jarnagin

Noe, an Emmy award winner, is the founder of FIND Entertainment, producing genre feature films and cause-oriented documentaries with an acute interest in the rapidly growing industry of digital distribution. With over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Noe has produced projects for Broadway, television, HBO and feature films. Noe began his career as a talent and literary manager representing such talents as Sandra Bernhard, Ellen Cleghorn, Andy Dick, Morgan Gendel, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Victor Salva and many others. Noe is a graduate of Pepperdine University School of Law.

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By: Anne Dean Filed under: Film & Production

November 5, 2018