Faculty Spotlight: Chef Roshni Gurnani

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May 11, 2017

Chef Roshni Gurnani combines a unique style of fusion cooking with a variety of world cultures to produce one-of-a-kind dining experiences. Her hard work and dedication as a culinarian have brought her to where she is today.


In 2009, Chef Roshni was awarded the title of “Chopped Champion” on the hit Food Network show Chopped. That same year, she was featured in the Boston Globe for introducing healthy restaurant-style food to college campuses in Boston. It was a trend that quickly caught on at other colleges throughout Massachusetts. 

In 2011, India Currents magazine named Chef Roshni among of the top five Indian chefs in the US, a product of her frequent travel, vast knowledge, and her hunger to constantly learn new methods of cooking. She was also invited to be a featured chef at the Masala! Mendhi! Masti! South Asian Culture festival in Toronto, Canada.

In 2012, Chef Roshni was a contestant on the FOX TV show "Hell’s Kitchen" with Michelin Star rated Chef Gordon Ramsay. She was the only contestant that Chef Ramsay described as a “passionate, well-rounded chef that blended flavors magically."

In 2014, Chef Roshni was awarded the Best Taste Award at the Austin Wine and Dine Festival and won first place at the Taste of the BVI in the British Virgin Islands. She was also awarded as the Top Chef of Las Vegas by Las Vegas Food and Wine Festival and as the second place winner at the Austin Horseshoe Bay Wine and Dine Festival, both in 2016. 

In 2017, Chef Roshni was featured as a celebrity chef at The Mohegan Sun’s Sun Wine and Food Fest. The event also featured chefs Aaron Sanchez, Mario Batali, and Todd English. Apart from managing her own catering and consulting company and writing her own cookbooks, Chef Roshni is a professor at The Art Institute of Houston. 

Chef Roshni believes that "food is a journey, not a destination."

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By: The Art Institutes Filed under: Culinary

May 11, 2017