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Fashion Design
Bachelor of Science
Published January 1, 0001

Student Learning Outcomes

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  • Understand the influence of multiculturalism and historic costume to gain historical knowledge of past fashion trends
  • Understand regional demographics, consumer target markets and mass globalization to produce for specific clientele
  • Identify fabrics and textile fibers for selected end use
  • Analyze fashion concepts and design cycles to forecast future trends
  • Apply traditional sketching and computer techniques to produce fashion illustrations and technical specification packages
  • Employ skills in sewing techniques and garment construction
  • Demonstrate table and computer-aided pattern drafting and draping techniques to produce final patterns
  • Interact with industry professionals as guest lecturers or critics to associate industry knowledge with collection evaluation
  • Apply technical skills and production knowledge to create a final collection
  • Prepare to seek entry-level careers in apparel design and manufacturing
  • Apply knowledge gained in specialty fashion design courses to produce final collection
  • Experiment with various fabrics and mediums to create a specialty garment
  • Demonstrate advanced technical skills to produce a cohesive collection
  • Create a digital portfolio with professional leave-behind materials using advanced computer skills

Program Courses

Core Curriculum Requirements
FD100 Fundamentals of Construction
FD110 Intermediate Construction
FD120 Advanced Construction
FD125 Fundamentals of Patternmaking
FD210 Advanced Fashion Illustration
FD213 Surface Design
FD220 Technical Drawing
FD225 Intermediate Patternmaking
FD230 Draping
FD237 Computer Patternmaking
FD238 Computer Production Systems
FD245 Specialized Patternmaking
FD260 Fit Analysis
FD280 Advanced Concept Development
FD300 Production Processes
FD301 Advanced Sewing Techniques
FD321 Design Studio: Menswear
FD331 Applied Textiles
FD332 Design Studio: Women’s Wear
FD341 Digital Textile Design
FD350 Portfolio Preparation
FD420 Senior Collection Concept
FD421 Fashion Entrepreneurship
FD440 Senior Collection Technical
FD450 Portfolio Presentation
FD460 Senior Collection Production
FD499-A Internship
FS101 Survey of the Fashion Industry
FS105 Early History of Fashion
FS110 Fashion Illustration
FS131 Textile Fundamentals
FS201 Trends and Forecasting
FS205 Modern History of Fashion
FS240 Concept Development
FS280 Technical Design
FS290 Research and Sourcing Fundamentals
FS300 Event and Fashion Show Production
FS320 Product Development
FS420 Applied Product Development
GD102 Fundamentals of Design
GD104 Color Theory
GD114 Digital Imaging

Total Required Core Curriculum Credits 126

General Education Requirement
GE110 English Composition
GE115 Critical Thinking
GE120 College Mathematics
GE130 Art History
GE140 Speech and Communication
GE150 Natural Science
GE160 Psychology
GE200 Sociology
GE201 Historical and Political Issues
GE220 World Civilization
GE250 Anthropology
GE260 Research and Technical Writing
GE280 Conversational Spanish I
GE490 General Education Capstone

Total Required General Education Credits 54

Total Credits Required for Graduation 180

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