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Graphic & Web Design
Associate of Science
Published June 1, 2016
This program can be completed on ground, blended (plus) or online.

Student Learning Outcomes

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  • Understand and practice the characteristics of basic design elements such as: line, shape, volume, space, value, texture, color, scale/proportion, unity, contrast, repetition/variation, and rhythm
  • Identify, analyze, and apply the critical thinking process to the design challenges of specific problems
  • Demonstrate the principles and effective solution and use of type
  • Apply appropriate software solutions to design problems
  • Articulate and solve basic problems of form and function
  • Exhibit knowledge of color theory and perception
  • Apply knowledge gained through research into design trends and styles to appropriate design assignments
  • Integrate design concepts with materials, skills, and technology
  • Use effective file and time management skills in the production of projects
  • Develop the ability to critique, defend, and support the integrity of a chosen project
  • Relate printing terms, concepts, and processes to the preparation of electronic documents
  • Demonstrate craftsmanship (organization, neatness, precision)
  • Develop a professional work ethic
  • Assess personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Assemble a final portfolio with a variety of design projects

Program Courses

Core Curriculum Requirements
DMP131 Introduction to Video
GD101 Drawing and Perspective
GD102 Fundamentals of Design
GD104 Color Theory
GD111 Life Drawing
GD113 Typography
GD114 Digital Imaging
GD121 Design Layout
GD123 Design Concepts
GD124 Design History
GD201 Illustration
GD202 Electronic Design
GD203 3-D Design
GD204 Media Design
GD211 Digital Illustration
GD214 Corporate Identity
GD221 Print Production
GD222 Corporate Communications
GD225 Photography Techniques
GD301 Professional Practice
GD302 Design Production Team Layout
RS111 Business Law
RS201 Portfolio Preparation
RS202 Portfolio Presentation

Total Required Core Curriculum Credits 72

General Education Requirement
GE110 English Composition
GE115 Critical Thinking
GE120 College Mathematics
GE130 Art History
GE140 Speech and Communication
GE160 Psychology

Total Required General Education Credits 24

Total Credits Required for Graduation 96

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