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Audio Production

Audio Production Bachelor of Science

The Art Institute of Las Vegas can help you prepare for it.

Program Overview

In the Audio Production program, you'll study audio recording, live sound reproduction, audio for video, and broadcast production. You'll record, mix, and produce audio in analog and digital formats while gaining an understanding of what it takes to succeed in the audio industry. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as audio engineer, radio producer, assistant sound technician, promoter, or sound engineer.
Audio Production

News and events

The Art Institute of Las Vegas Holds PowerCord Jam Event The Art Institute of Las Vegas Holds PowerCord Jam Event

(Las Vegas, October 2015)  On Thursday, September 10, The Art Institute of Las Vegas, held PowerCord Jam in the campus parking lot. The event was designed to give students in the Bachelor of Science in Audio Production the opportunity to gain some real-world experience and hone their skills. Students set up, presented, recorded, and sound mixed and mastered a live concert, featuring talent from the campus. The result was a two hour concert that featured a jazz band, vocalists, a rock band, a rapper and a comedian. The audio students gained invaluable experience not only in running the entire production, but also in troubleshooting and thinking on their feet. 

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Program Description

Audio Production is an integral part of multimedia, Web, software, film, video, A/V presentations, and music and studio production. With new tools for recording, editing, designing and broadcasting audio constantly evolving, today’s professional audio engineer or production technician must have a solid understanding of the basic principles of sound theory as well as knowing how to use the appropriate technology and software. This program offers a creative, structured environment that encourages, even demands, a combination of hands-on experience and technical knowledge using the kind of equipment used by the industry today.

• Describe the physical properties of sound waves and how those properties are related to the human perception of sound.
• Describe the behavior of sound in indoors and outdoors and how the acoustical characteristics of an environment affect sound properties.
• Explain the concepts of transformers and how transformers can be used to solve signal manipulation problems.
• Articulate the causes and types of audio signal distortion and the methods for distortion measurement.
• Create, read, and explain block diagrams of basic audio systems used in live sound and mixing applications.
• Demonstrate safe building and repair techniques for audio equipment which utilizes thermionic tubes.
• Analyze and express the structure and production elements of a musical recording.
• Perform typical MIDI functions in an industry standard software sequencer.
• Work with speed and efficiency when using industry standard audio editing software.
• Gain a strong theoretical understanding for how audio is used in interactive media and software applications.
• Set up and troubleshoot a professional digital audio workstation.
• Demonstrate the ability to create original sounds using both hardware and software synthesizers for typical music and audio/visual contexts.
• Set up and operate audio equipment for a typical live sound reinforcement.
• Demonstrate a clear understanding of legal ramifications in mass media work and the obligations of a responsible audio professional.

Entry-Level Career Opportunities
Audio Production graduates are prepared to seek entry-level positions with production companies, radio and TV stations, recording studios, CD and DVD manufacturing facilities, mastering studios, audio post production for film and video, and sound design for game and the Internet. The Bachelor of Science degree program prepares graduates for entry-level positions such as assistant editor, assistant engineer, board operator, duplication technician or sound assistant.
Audio Production
Students at computer

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