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Digital Photography Bachelor of Science

The Art Institute of Las Vegas can help you prepare for it.

Program Overview

The Digital Photography program teaches you composition, lighting, and equipment use, utilizing a digital camera and software. Darkroom techniques, color, and design are explored both on location and in a studio. You’ll develop business skills as you fine-tune your eye for detail. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as a digital photographer, industrial photographer, photo lab technician, or photojournalist.
Digital Photography

Program Description

Photographers shoot from the hip, with a combination of artistry and technical skills. Photography is all about combining the artistry and the expertise needed to present the images we see in catalogs and newspapers and on web sites. Photographs also capture personal memories in portraiture, wedding, and life’s milestone moments. It involves composition and light, plus a wide array of technical skills, including utilizing digital-imaging software. It all comes together in the areas of commercial photography, electronic imaging, and photojournalism. Whether the work is done in a studio or on the street, the range of photography jobs and venues is impressive. Wherever you land, you will have the opportunity to communicate without saying a word.

At The Art Institute of Las Vegas, you can get your start with the basics: composition, lighting, and the appropriate equipment. From there, you will have the opportunity to learn about color and design, take pictures on location and in a studio, immerse yourself in portraits, advertising projects, as well as editorial and digital–imaging software programs. You can develop your business skills, along with your résumé and interviewing technique. You will also have the opportunity to examine legal concerns, gain an understanding of small-business accounting, and learn the fundamentals of Webpage design by constructing your own personal web site. You will be required to produce an advertising campaign, photographic essays, and shoot conventions, weddings, and portraits. Then, finish up with a comprehensive portfolio that shows perspective employers exactly what you do best.

• Demonstrate proficiency with professional capture formats
• Apply advanced principles of color management
• Utilize raster-imaging software for image manipulation and output
• Demonstrate proficiency with HTML and motion software for webpage design
• Demonstrate effective communication skills when speaking to a client, model or photographic team
• Work effectively in a team environment while assisting on a photography shoot
• Work effectively in a team environment
• Demonstrate intellectual curiosity
• Define and enrich a concept using the results of a problem solving process
• Exhibit conviction and commitment to quality in all work
• Demonstrate lighting skills in the studio and on location
• Use tungsten and electronic-flash equipment
• Identify and apply basic concepts of running a business
• Develop a sense of business and personal ethics
• Determine a career track
• Demonstrate creativity on demand
• Use acquired skills to define personal style and vision
• Assemble a portfolio
• Explore non-traditional methods of photography and image production
• Develop an understanding of modern critical thought and the effects of photography on society and culture
• Author innovative concepts
• Examine the legal concerns and challenges of professional photography
• Create a business and marketing plan
• Identify and adapt to current market and trends
• Execute concepts to multiple platforms

Entry-Level Career Opportunities
After graduating, students can seek freelance work or own their own studio. They can specialize in news, sports, product, portrait, or fashion, and work in a studio, or at advertising agencies, publishing houses, photo labs, production companies, or at a newspaper or magazine company. Graduates will be prepared for entry-level positions such as assistant studio manager, photographer’s assistant, production assistant, digital retoucher, digital prepress operator, freelance photographer, photographic lab operator, portrait photographer, or wedding photographer.
Digital Photography
Students at computer

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Students need to meet all requirements. The Art Grant is not offered at all Art Institute schools and the grant amounts vary by location; check with the school you’re considering attending for exceptions and details.

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