Culinary Management

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Culinary Management
Bachelor of Science
Published June 1, 2016

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Be prepared to seek entry-level skill position in the food service industry
  • Identify, establish and maintain safety and sanitation procedures which meet industry quality standards.
  • Demonstrate and articulate an awareness of the cross-cultural, moral, ethical and environmental issues in hospitality organizations and their relationship with all stakeholders.
  • Analyze the food and beverage cost-control cycle and accounting practices, and implement controls to manage, maintain and ensure profitability
  • Prepare a variety of international recipes using a variety of cooking techniques which meet industry quality standards.
  • Apply standard Human Resource principles in regards to recruiting, retaining, and developing staff.
  • Create a business plan for a food service outlet or hospitality company

Program Courses


BUS221 Introduction to Accounting Principles
BUS404 Innovation & Entrepreneurship
CM303 Quality Customer Service Management
CM312 Hospitality Marketing
CM313 Catering & Events Management
CM321 Legal Issues & Ethics for Culinarians
CM322 Exploring Wines & the Culinary Arts
CM323 Facilities Management & Design
CM325 Foodservice Technology & Information
CM402 Management Internship
CM411 Senior Culinary Practicum
CM412 Global Management & Operating in the Hospitality Industry
CM413 Foodservice Financial Management
CM430 Senior Capstone
CUL107 Concepts & Theories of Culinary Techniques
CUL110 Fundamentals of Classical Techniques
CUL115 American Regional Cuisine
CUL128 Introduction to Pastry Techniques & Dessert Artistry
CUL205 Garde Manger
CUL206 Sustainable Purchasing & Controlling Costs
CUL207 Management by Menu
CUL216 Asian Cuisine
CUL218 Management Supervision & Career Development
CUL219 Food & Beverage Operations Management
CUL220 Classical European Cuisines
CUL221 World Cuisines
CUL222 Latin Cuisine
CUL229 Art Culinaire
CUL230 Á la Carte Kitchen & Dining Room Service
CUL233 Capstone/Portfolio

Credits Required 118


BUS302 Leadership & Organizational Development
BUS341 Human Resource Management
COM101 Communication for College & Career Success
COM140 Speech & Communication
ENG110 English Composition
HUM201 Historical & Political Issues
HUM290 Liberal Studies Capstone
MTH105 College Algebra
SCI156 Nutritional Science

Credits Required 30


Program Electives

Credits Required 9

Credits Required 32
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