Fashion & Retail Management

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Fashion & Retail Management
Bachelor of Science
Published June 1, 2016

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze fashion concepts and design cycles to forecast future trends
  • Demonstrate a basic foundation in drawing and design
  • Develop an understanding of the history of fashion
  • Employ modern fashion illustration concepts and techniques
  • Apply basic business principles including retail math, sales and event promotion
  • Identify how to effectively bridge the gap between designers and the retail market
  • Develop the decision-making skills needed to insure that the preferred consumer goods are in stock at the appropriate time
  • Demonstrate knowledge of fashion industry trends and manufacturing, general business, management, operations and compliance, retailing, marketing, advertising, and design

Program Courses


ART101 Drawing & Perspective
ART102 Fundamentals of Design
ART103 Color Theory
BUS119 Introduction to Retailing
BUS121 Fundamentals of Marketing
BUS125 Fundamentals of Advertising
BUS220 Consumer Behavior
BUS221 Introduction to Accounting Principles
BUS250 Contracts, Negotiations and Copyrights
BUS299 Internship
BUS321 Principles of Marketing Research
BUS341 Human Resource Management
FRM101 Survey of the Fashion Industry
FRM111 Fashion History I
FRM122 Visual Merchandising
FRM125 Fashion Sketching & Illustration
FRM131 Elements of Retail Operations & Technology
FRM135 Textiles for Fashion Industry
FRM140 Apparel Evaluation & Construction
FRM141 Business Ownership I
FRM204 Media Planning & Buying
FRM211 Fashion History II
FRM220 Production Processes
FRM221 Public Relations & Promotion
FRM223 Trends & Concepts in Apparel
FRM225 Brand Strategy
FRM228 Retail Math
FRM232 Sales & Event Promotion
FRM234 Professional Selling
FRM287 Event & Fashion Show Production
FRM303 Concept & Line Development
FRM321 Store Planning & Lease Management
FRM323 International Marketing & Buying
FRM325 Brand Marketing
FRM331 Merchandise Management
FRM337 Current Designers
FRM402 Product Development
FRM406 Catalog Development
FRM441 Business Ownership II
FRM489 Portfolio Preparation
FRM499 Portfolio Presentation
ID225 Presentation Techniques

Credits Required 126


COM101 Communication for College & Career Success
COM140 Speech & Communication
COM443 Advanced Communications
ENG110 English Composition
HUM130 Art History
HUM201 Historical & Political Issues
MTH105 College Algebra

Credits Required 26


Program Electives

Credits Required 28
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