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Fashion & Retail Management
Published June 1, 2016

Student Learning Outcomes

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  • Define retailing, to include “bricks-and-mortar”, “clicks-and-mortar”, direct marketers with clicks-and-mortar retailing operations, and bricks-and-mortar retailers, relate them to the marketing concept with an emphasis on the total retail experience.
  • Discuss why customer and channel relationships must be nurtured in today’s highly competitive marketplace.
  • Explain the steps in strategic planning for retailers, to include: situation analysis, objectives, and identification of consumers, overall strategy, specific activities, control and feedback.

Program Courses


BUS119 Introduction to Retailing
BUS121 Fundamentals of Marketing
BUS220 Consumer Behavior
FRM122 Visual Merchandising
FRM131 Elements of Retail Operations & Technology
FRM135 Textiles for Fashion Industry
FRM140 Apparel Evaluation & Construction
FRM141 Business Ownership I
FRM220 Production Processes
FRM221 Public Relations & Promotion
FRM223 Trends & Concepts in Apparel
FRM232 Sales & Event Promotion
FRM234 Professional Selling
FRM325 Brand Marketing
FRM331 Merchandise Management
FRM337 Current Designers


Credits Required 48


Program Electives

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