Professional Writing for Creative Arts

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Professional Writing for Creative Arts
Bachelor of Science
Published June 1, 2016

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Gain advanced competencies in English composition
  • Learn the fundamentals of narrative and storytelling structure and technique
  • Understand the application of writing in various industries to meet specific needs and purposes
  • Learn research techniques required to obtain information relevant to their topic
  • Write, edit, and critique content for specific purposes
  • Learn to write creatively in different styles and techniques to achieve different results, emotions, audience relations, etc.
  • Successfully write narrative or informative content for multiple media platforms and purposes

Program Courses


ADVA201 Fundamentals of Marketing
ADVA214 Advertising Copywriting
ADVA215 Advertising Storyboarding & Scriptwriting
ADVA328 Public Relations
DFVA201 Fundamentals of Scriptwriting
DFVA214 Scriptwriting
GWDA101 Applications & Industry
GWDA132 Information Architecture
GWDA133 Fundamentals of Web Design
GWDA204 Introduction to Writing for Interactive Media
INSA307 Introduction to Research Methods
PRWA101 Principles of Rhetoric
PRWA102 Journalism
PRWA103 Foundations of Professional Writing
PRWA104 Marketing Communications
PRWA107 Myth & Symbol
PRWA111 Introduction to Literary Studies
PRWA121 Creative Writing
PRWA202 The Language of Business
PRWA203 Introduction to Copyediting
PRWA212 Story Writing
PRWA213 Content Management for Web Media
PRWA222 Lifestyle Writing
PRWA302 The Editorial Process
PRWA303 The Publication Process
PRWA304 Communication in the Global Marketplace
PRWA305 Senior Thesis: Concept & Development
PRWA307 Ethics in Professional Writing
PRWA312 Creative Nonfiction Writing
PRWA322 Grant & Proposal Writing
PRWA402 Writing for Health, Science & Technology
PRWA403 Senior Thesis: Content Creation
PRWA408 The Writers Marketplace
PRWA409 Portfolio
PRWA413 Senior Thesis: Revision & Defense


COM101 Communication for College & Career Success
COM140 Speech & Communication
COM443 Advanced Communications
ENG110 English Composition
HUM201 Historical & Political Issues
MTH105 College Algebra

Credits Required 111

Credits Required 22


Program Electives


Choose Five Program Elective Courses from:

ADVA205 History of Advertising
GWDA273 Intermediate Web Design
PHG110 Principles of Photography
DFVP131 Introduction to Video
DFVP420 Professional Practice
IMD215 Digital Video Editing
PRWA406 Internship

Credits Required 15


Choose Eight Liberal Studies Elective Courses from:

COM115 Critical Thinking
COM160 Conversational German
COM170 Conversational Japanese I
COM180 Conversational French I
COM190 Conversational Spanish I
COM270 Conversational French II
COM290 Conversational Spanish II
ENG311 Creative Writing-Fiction
HUM111 History of Animation
HUM112 US History I
HUM130 Art History
HUM131 Modern & Contemporary Art
HUM132History of Popular Culture

Credits Required 32

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Note: The Art Institute of Las Vegas reserves the right to alter the sequencing of classes. Some courses are offered on a rotating basis. Students should consult their Academic Advisors and/or Department Chair when creating their course schedules to ensure they are following the recommended sequence. Students must meet all co/prerequisites for courses.