Web Design & Interactive Media

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Web Design & Interactive Media
Bachelor of Science
Published June 1, 2016
This program can be completed on ground, blended (plus) or online.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the requirements of effective Web and interactive media design
  • Solve problems in 2-D and 3-D design
  • Apply interface design principles
  • Identify how businesses use multimedia design
  • Ascertain audio requirements for field and studio production
  • Capture and compress video
  • Develop and maintain a Web site
  • Write HTML code
  • Discriminate between effective and ineffective animation sequences
  • Create graphics using image manipulation software
  • Perform fundamental Internet functions
  • Use authoring software
  • Create and critique moving and static images that convey thematic meanings
  • Describe needs analysis as it pertains to usability
  • Use basic scripting commands
  • Demonstrate a variety of scripting techniques
  • Utilize typefaces appropriate for screen-based media
  • Develop and present a professional portfolio
  • Work in a team to execute a Web-based concept

Program Courses


ART102 Fundamentals of Design
ART103 Color Theory
ART124 Design History
BUS121 Fundamentals of Marketing
BUS299 Internship
GD106 Typography – Traditional
GD107 Digital Imaging
GD121 Design Layout
GD123 Design Concepts
GD211 Digital Illustration
GD214 Corporate Identity
GD215 Typography- Hierarchy
GD411 Advanced Digital Imaging
IMD101 Intro to the World Wide Web
IMD121 Web Scripting
IMD123 Program Logic
IMD130 Interactive Motion Design I
IMD203 Introduction to Scripting Languages
IMD205 Interactive Motion Design II
IMD210 Web Authoring I
IMD213 Intermediate Scripting Languages
IMD215 Digital Video Editing
IMD220 Web Authoring II
IMD223 Advanced Scripting Languages
IMD225 Design and Interface for Interactive Media
IMD280 Web Site Development I
IMD300 Interactive Motion Scripting I
IMD302 Net Broadcasting
IMD323 Web Marketing
IMD329 User Centered Design I
IMD339 User Centered Design II
IMD350 Interactive Motion Scripting II
IMD375 Database Systems
IMD380 Web Site Development II
IMD402 Designing for Server Side Technology
IMD404 Professional Practice
IMD405 Senior Project I
IMD414 Designing Dynamic Web Sites
IMD415 Senior Project II
IMD440 Portfolio Preparation
IMD450 Portfolio Presentation
VEMG200 Broadcast and Motion Graphics


COM101 Communication for College & Career Success
COM140 Speech & Communication
COM443 Advanced Communications
ENG110 English Composition
HUM201 Historical & Political Issues
MTH105 College Algebra

Credits Required 126

Credits Required 22


Program Electives

Credits Required 32
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Note: The Art Institute of Las Vegas reserves the right to alter the sequencing of classes. Some courses are offered on a rotating basis. Students should consult their Academic Advisors and/or Department Chair when creating their course schedules to ensure they are following the recommended sequence. Students must meet all co/prerequisites for courses.