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Web Design & Interactive Media
Published June 1, 2016

Student Learning Outcomes

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  • Demonstrate content integration between text and graphics
  • Apply interactive design principles to a web site
  • Select and apply appropriate visual elements
  • Select specific design approaches that appeal to a chosen audience
  • Create and optimize graphics for print and web
  • Apply interface Design Principles
  • Select specific design approaches that appeal to a chosen audience

Program Courses


DFVP131 Introduction to Video
DFVP132 Introduction to Audio
GD106 Typography – Traditional
GD107 Digital Imaging
GD121 Design Layout
GD211 Digital Illustration
IMD121 Web Scripting
IMD130 Interactive Motion Design I
IMD203 Introduction to Scripting Languages
IMD210 Web Authoring I
IMD213 Intermediate Scripting Languages
IMD220 Web Authoring II
IMD225 Design and Interface for Interactive Media
IMD244 Design for Mobile Devices
IMD329 User Centered Design I
IMD450 Portfolio Presentation


Credits Required 48


Program Electives

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