Web Design & Interactive Communications

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Web Design & Interactive Media
Published June 1, 2016

Student Learning Outcomes

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  • Demonstrate the use of appropriate visual elements and visual communication skills for interactive media.
  • Create applications that solve specified problems through a variety of scripting techniques.
  • Critique and evaluate appropriate design solutions.
  • Design and develop media marketing and business plans.

Program Courses


DFVP131 Introduction to Video
DFVP132 Introduction to Audio
GD121 Design Layout
GD211 Digital Illustration
IMD130 Interactive Motion Design I
IMD210 Web Authoring I
IMD213 Intermediate Scripting Languages
IMD220 Web Authoring II
IMD223 Advanced Scripting Languages
IMD225 Design and Interface for Interactive Media
IMD244 Design for Mobile Devices
IMD267 Writing for Interactive Design
IMD300 Interactive Motion Scripting I
IMD402 Designing for Server Side Technology
IMD414 Designing Dynamic Web Sites
IMD450 Portfolio Presentation


Credits Required 48


Program Electives

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