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Make a name for yourself - GAMING TECH

Whether your dream is designing clothes or developing business plans, the fashion industry needs your creativity and passion. Find 
out where your talents fit and explore our Fashion Majors today.


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Art and Design

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Students in front of step and repeat at New York Fashion Week

Miami Students Herrera & Barzaga Take on New York Fashion Week

Francys Herrera and Alejandro Barzaga, Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design students at Miami International University of Art & Design, made big impressions during the 2022 New York Fashion Week.


Painting The Right Picture About Scholarships

Not every scholarship is merit-based. Learn what other scholarships you could apply for.

Diego Rivera

Gaming & Technology

Ai LIVE: Samsung’s Diego Rivera Helps Ai Students Design Their Own Themes and Games

Diego Rivera, a 14 year employee of Samsung, discusses how to build apps and other games in this episode of Ai LIVE.