Sound Principles

If you’re interested in the technology and science of sound, we have a program that can give you the opportunity to transform that interest into skills for the real world. The online Bachelor of Science degree in Audio Production introduces you to the world of digital audio production.*

Courses will show you how to record, edit, mix, and master digital audio for film, radio, TV, and web. Since you’ll be learning online, the program includes optional technology delivered to your door that allows you to gain experience on industry-standard equipment. 

This program is taught by professionals** who share their industry experiences with students. You’ll also learn online alongside a community of students who share your creative passion. After graduation, you may pursue employment in the areas of audio recording, audio engineering, audio mixing, sound design, or audio post-production. Ready to get started? Then learn more about our program and how you can engineer your pursuit of a career in the audio industry.

What Will I Study?

Our curriculum is designed to help develop the tools and skills to pursue employment in the industry. Students will be mentored by faculty – many of whom are working or have worked in the industry and obtain invaluable guidance to create a standout portfolio.


Learn how audio works, its characteristics, and how to manage acoustic elements.

Audio Basics


Study the techniques and learn the craft of editing, recording, producing and post-producing audio productions.

Audio Recording and Post-Production


Explore music theory, learn to appreciate productions, and gain the knowledge needed to produce your own music/beats.

Advanced Musical Production and Engineering


Learn to program music and to control different kinds of controllers including keyboards, machine drums, and lighting mdx interfaces.

Musical Instrument Digital Interface systems (MIDI)


Learn the detailed steps to mix and master audio using various processors such as eqs, compressors, reverbs, and delays.

Advanced Mixing and Mastering


Study sound design for film, location sound, and surround mix. Collaborate with film students to gain real-world audio experience.


Technology Fee

Each degree offered includes an Introductory Technology Fee designed to provide you with the technology you need to get started with your program. The fee covers the cost of an iPad, Apple Pencil and a smart keyboard. In addition, each program includes a Technology Fee that provides the industry-relevant tools and specialized software you’ll need as you move through coursework and assignments. The items included as part of this fee will support your collaboration with other students and assist you in creating a portfolio to present to potential future employers.
• Students have the option to opt out of the Introductory Technology Fee and/or Technology Fee and purchase necessary technology on their own. Tuition includes required eBooks and basic software for all courses within the student's program of study. Students are responsible for procuring and/or replenishing any other equipment or materials as required. Please contact your enrollment counselor for a full list of items that make up the technology fee. Technology specifications are subject to change and/or be replaced with a comparable item due to vendor availability. Some technology fee components are distributed over the course of a student’s program; some technology fee components are downloadable items.

  • Laptop and external drive 
  • Microphone Kit 
  • Audio Interface and Production Controller 
  • Professional headphones 
  • MIDI Keyboard Controller 
  • Two-Way Studio Monitors 
  • Program Specific Software 
  • Portable Handheld Recorde
  • Program Specific Software, including Pro-Tools and Adobe Suite 

Length & Cost



Timefame: 12 Quarters



Quarter Credit Hours: 180



Cost per Credit Hour: $575

Upcoming Start Dates

Prospective students may apply for admission at any time. Admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis and prospective students are encouraged to apply as early as possible prior to their intended start date. Admitted students may begin their program of study at the start of any quarter (i.e., October, January, April, or July) or mid-quarter (i.e., February, May, August, or November).







Program Requirements

Application Requirements

If you’re ready to apply, please follow these simple steps: Complete an online application form. Then, within 10 days of applying, send us your high school transcript or high school equivalency certification (or exam, depending on the context) (such as the GED®), and any other college or military transcripts you may have. In the meantime, we’ll work with you to arrange a virtual interview where we can get to know you and your interests in attending college.

GED® is a registered mark of American Council on Education.

Technical Requirements

To successfully participate in online learning, students must have a computer and stable internet connection. Additional software and hardware differs by program of study. Have questions about whether you’re set up to start online learning? Talk to one of our Admissions Representatives.