Students Express Their Creativity Using Miniature Houses for the Homeless Trust’s Roofs Rising

By: Marcia Gomez

November 15, 2017

The MIU community recently took on an amazing community-minded opportunity to work with Miami’s Homeless Trust organization on a project called, Roofs Rising where 1,100 miniature wooden houses were painted to raise awareness of homelessness in Miami. The 1,100 houses represent the actual number of beds needed to house Miami’s street homeless. The final, painted houses were used in an art installation in the form of one large house. The installation was on display from November 8 – November 15 at Brickell City Centre during National Hunger and Homeless Awareness Month and in honor of Miami-Dade County’s Homeless Awareness day, November 9. The installation will be on tour, following the tour the houses/individual pieces of art will be provided to homeless individuals when they are placed into housing. It will be their first piece of décor.

Students from our visual arts program along with some staff took on painting 200 houses of the 1,100 that were completed. The final product was extremely artistic, but most importantly, very rewarding. The heart of the art installation, #RoofsRising goes hand in hand with the Homeless Trusts' recently launched program called RentConnect - that calls on landlords who can provide housing for the homeless in Miami-Dade County. As mentioned in the video, The Homeless Trust has the funding, the landlords have the units.

Roofs Risiing

Homeless Trust - Students working     Homeless Trust students working 2

Homeless Trust - house tree      homeless trust --- student working     Homeless Trust - House Flamingo

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By: Marcia Gomez

November 15, 2017