Miami International University of Art & Design Served up McDCouture for McDonald's Grand Opening

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April 4, 2018

McDCouture 2018 Fort Myers
McDCouture clad model with McDonald’s team

Miami International University of Art & Design fashion students created the one-of-a kind signature crafted swimwear from McDonald’s packaging and paper goods to kick off Miami Swim Week last summer. Models, adorned in 3 designs from the 21-piece McDCouture collection, mingled among the VIP guests who were in awe of the fashion students’ on-trend creations. The 21 innovative looks in the Collection were created for the runway with more than 7,000 McDonald’s sandwich wrappers, 2,800 fry boxes, 2,800 straws, 825 soft drink cups, 225 Happy Meal boxes, 2900 sandwich boxes, 1000 Sriracha Sauce lids and 250 to-go bags.

The challenge to create an original, signature-crafted swim/resort wear collection came from the Cabrera/Bentancourt organization, a Miami franchisee and long-time partner of MIU. Both MIU and the Cabrera/Bentancourt organization were delighted to provide a few of the mouthwatering designs from the McDCouture Collection for the grand opening celebration.


  • Fry Box Cover Up and McDelivery Sun Hat by Alejandro Perez Inspired by the silhouette of Dior and Japanese armor, as well as the designer’s love for McDonald’s fries, this look was constructed with 750 fry boxes and bags and 100 McDelivery bag stuffers.

  • Sriracha Sauce Mini and Matching Vest by Lucila Martinez Perfect for a beach party or just after a dip, this Roman military inspired look is sizzling with style. Created with1000 Sriracha Mac McNugget Sauce lids and 30 Sauce cups.

  • Aliec Diaz: Multi-box Cutouts Cover Up with a Corset Belt Count on fun in the sun in this yummy rope-tied cover up with a corset belt. It was crafted with cut outs from 150 Happy Meal boxes,150 fry boxes, 150 Big Mac boxes, 150 Artisan Grilled Chicken boxes, 150 Quarter Pounder with Cheese Boxes, 150 Filet-o-Fish Boxes and 150 Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich boxes.

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By: Marcia Gomez Filed under: Fashion

April 4, 2018