Inaugural RedChair Film Festival Awards Winning Films

By: Marcia Gomez Filed under: Film & Production

August 15, 2017

Red Chair Film Festival - Best Film, Best Cinematography

RedChair is a student Film Festival at Miami International University of Art & Design. It was created by students for students. Throughout an entire year the film students conceptualized, produced and refined their cinematographic stories. Diverse genres collided on the screen—drama, comedy, sci-fi, horror, action and thrillers. A professional panel of judges selected the best eight short films screened during the festival on August 3 at the Wynood’s O’Cinema. The 2017 winners all from the BFA in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production program are:

Best Film and Best Cinematography: Anoxia by Israel Delgado
• Synopsis: Dylan's got a plan to break out of a mental institution but wants to convince Laylah to come with him.

Best Directing and Best Sound: Neuroimperioum by Fabian Lobos
• Synopsis: Alex, a young artist, tempers with his older brother's science experiment, infecting him with a mind-controlling bacteria. It is up to Alex now to find his brother and save him.

Best Producing: Twelve Warriors by Christian Fazio
• Synopsis: Warriors of Atlantis return after 10,000 years to protecting us from an ancient evil.

Best Editing: Coma by Samuel Castillo

• Synopsis: Told from the perspective of a comatose patient, Kurt is placed on a risky treatment to accelerate the healing process. However, this inadvertently causes dark unconscious revelations about someone around him. 

Best Script: Court is in Session by Jose Dominguez
• Synopsis: Tables turn on a lawyer when the parents of a boy he represented seek justice. 

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By: Marcia Gomez Filed under: Film & Production

August 15, 2017