Salvodorian Fashion Design Student Pushes Through to Realize His Dream in Fashion

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April 28, 2017

Pablo Machado - headshot
Pablo Machado

Student: Fashion Design Program, Bachelor of Fine Arts

Pablo Machado, who is working toward a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design from Miami International University of Art & Design, was recently interviewed on 107 Exitos. Host Raul Gonzalez talked with Pablo about his designs and his future aspirations. If you'd like to see/hear the interview, scroll down for the links.

The middle child of a large Salvadorian family, Pablo Machado had to find his outlet and a way to stand apart from his four brothers and sisters. His outlet was his love for art, specifically for drawing and painting. A strong Catholic upbringing accounts for his unwavering commitment and dependability, two traits that will undoubtedly come in handy in the fashion world. He credits the sisters at the Catholic school he attended for truly honing in on his talent and teaching him to sew by hand and using this as an outlet for expression.

At the age of 26, Pablo has already experienced some success having been featured by El Diario de Hoy Mas!, a Salvadorian daily print and publication. His designs have been featured in various fashion shows and competitions including his work on the McDonald’s packaging project which tasked him to create garments and accessories out of the product packaging. Pablo has also worked on fashion show production as part of his education, which has truly helped him understand the different facets of the fashion world. Pablo describes his style as classic, yet futuristic. “My approach to design is to highlight a woman’s best feature, instilling confidence in how she looks and feels in my garments,” says Machado. Pablo plans on continuing to hone his talent as he would like to continue his education with a Master’s degree in accessory design and someday have his own clothing and accessory line.

Pablo Machado - Melted Spoons

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By: Marcia Gomez Filed under: Fashion

April 28, 2017