Fashion as Sweet and Rich as Chocolate

By: Marcia Gomez Filed under: Fashion

May 1, 2017

MIU Chocolate Festival - Table Set-up

Miami International University of Art & Design Fashion Design Students created Fashion Designs out of chocolate and chocolate wrappers for Miami International Mall’s second annual Chocolate Show that took place on April 29, 2017. 

The chocolate festival featured the finest chocolates from South Florida’s artisan chocolatiers with proceeds benefiting Doral Parks and Police 4 Kids Foundation for child welfare and family services.

Students were tasked with creating garments and/or accessories made out of chocolate or chocolate wrappers. One of the students, Lucila Martinez , a fashion design student who graduates this fall, used over 144 Hershey’s chocolate bar wrappers just for the skirt. She used another 45 packs of Pocky Sticks, the Japanese snack food that are dipped in chocolate for the bustier-style top. This is her second year participating. When asked why she wanted to participate again, she shared “working on this project sparks my creative juices since it requires me to think of design differently than I would otherwise with fabric”. And, what happened to all that chocolate? “The Hershey’s bars I shared with colleagues, friends, family, anyone who would enjoy chocolate; but the Pocky sticks, those I kept for myself.” The result of this project? A delicious combination of creativity, skill and ingenuity.

MIU Chocolate Festival - Lucila Martinez
Lucila Martinez, BFA Fashion Design

MIU Chocolate - Rockin' Roll  MIU Chocolate Festival  - Kit, Kisses  MIU Chocolate Festival - Coins  MIU Chocolate Festival - Kinder  MIU Chocolate Festival - Coins, Kisses  MIU Chocolate Festival - Group Pic  MIU Chocolate Festival - Parsons
Other images of the garments and event.

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