Painting The Right Picture About Scholarships

By: Wendy McMullen

November 4, 2021


Non-Academic Scholarships

Let’s dispel the rumors that scholarships are just for "A+ Students”. When awarding scholarships, there are many factors to consider outside of academics, but many students see scholarship buzz words such as "high GPA” and “merit" and become discouraged. While academics are often a part of scholarship consideration, many high school students are unaware of multiple non-academic based scholarships that are available. We encourage students to research scholarships based on their passions and hobbies just as much as those based on classroom grades.

Scholarships for Creatively-Inclined Students

Although academics play an important role, grades are not the only criteria and they don’t mean you have little chance to find financial opportunities for college without such qualifications. There are many unique scholarships to explore; for example there may be a scholarship for having red hair, or one for being left-handed. Similarly, there are many other non-academic scholarship awards, especially for creatively-inclined students interested in the arts and related fields.

You could be very well qualified for multiple scholarships, so take time to explore the various types that don’t necessarily favor the valedictorians or even top ten percent of students. There are many scholarships for almost every category and discipline of art—drawing, design, fashion, culinary, film production, and more. Some scholarships may request videos or a small submission of portfolio work.

Take the time to control your own destiny and write your own ticket – it could prove very rewarding! Many scholarships are awarded to multiple recipients, and many smaller opportunities can quickly add up to offset tuition costs.

How to Research Different Types of Scholarships

Conduct a free scholarship search at to see if you qualify. When you apply for scholarships, showcase your efforts to the scholarship provider and demonstrate why you are the best candidate in your given field. The more complete and accurate the information you supply, the more accurate and complete your search results. You may be pleasantly surprised to see how many scholarships for which you are eligible.

Best of luck to you! Remember to watch those scholarship deadline dates!

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By: Wendy McMullen

November 4, 2021