Fashion Design

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Fashion Design
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Published January 1, 0001

Student Learning Outcomes

Program Courses

FASA106 Fashion Show Production
FASA113 Construction I
FASA123 Construction II
FASA105 Fashion Design I
FASA125 Fashion Design II
FASA133 Patternmaking and Draping I
FASA143 Patternmaking and Draping II
FASA155 Fashion Illustration I
FASA135 Fashion Illustration II
FASA145 Fashion Trends I
FASA153 Fabrics and Textiles I
FASA215 History of Fashion I
FASA223 Construction III
FASA233 Construction
FASA205 Fashion Design III
FASA218 Fashion Buying for Design
FASA203 Patternmaking and Draping III
FASA234 Patternmaking and Draping IV
FASA243 Fabrics and Textiles II
FASA225 Fashion Illustration III
FASA263 Computerized Patternmaking
FASA273 Advanced Patternmaking and Draping
FASA283 Advanced Construction
FASA256 Menswear
FASA245 Fashion Trends
FASA255 Fashion Trends III
FADA323 Grading, Marking and Cutting
FADA315 Knitwear Design
FADA301 Tailoring Techniques I
FADA317 Sourcing Textiles
FADA305 Computer Grading/Patternmaking
FADA417 Computerized Textile Design
FADA408 Apparel Product
FADA427 Haute Couture
FADA426 Advanced Portfolio Development
FADA428 Collection
FADA436 Internship
FADA418 Licensing

General Education Courses

ARHA125 History of Western Art I
ARHA126 History of Western Art II
CGSA202 Computer Concepts and 2-D Applications
COMA112 Principles of Communication
ENCA101 English Composition I
ENCA102 English Composition II
ENCA204 Business and Technical Writing
GE English Elective
GE Social/Behavioral Science Elective
GE Science Elective
GE History Elective
GE Humanities Elective
MATA115 Applied Mathematics
MATA201 College Geometry
3 Other GE Electives

Total Credits for Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree 180

Program Electives

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