Fashion Marketing & Management

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Fashion Merchandising
Associate of Arts
Published January 1, 0001

Student Learning Outcomes

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Program Courses

FASA106 Fashion Show Production
FASA108 Management I
FASA104 Public Relations I
FASA118 Retail Marketing
FASA128 Sales Promotion I
FASA145 Fashion Trends I
FASA116 Visual Merchandising I
FASA153 Fabrics and Textiles I
FASA158 International Retailing
FASA126 Visual Merchandising III
FASA215 History of Fashion I
FASA229 Portfolio
FASA217 Visual Merchandising II
FASA235 History of Fashion II
FASA245 Fashion Trends II
FASA248 Fashion Buying II
FASA258 Advertising for Fashion I
FASA206 Styling I
FASA216 Styling II
FASA255 Fashion Trends III
FASA228 Fashion Buying I
FASA238 Business Policy I

General Education Courses

ARHA125 History of Western Art I
CGSA204 Business Computing
ENCA101 English Composition I
ENCA102 English Composition II
GE Social/Behavioral Science Elective
MATA115 Applied Mathematics

Total Credits for Associate of Arts Degree 90

Program Electives

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