Digital Photography

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Digital Photography
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Published January 1, 0001

Student Learning Outcomes

Program Courses

PHOA101 Principles of Photography
PHOA103 Digital Image Management
FNDA110 Observational Drawing
PHOA102 Introduction to Photography Applications
PHOA113 Lighting
FNDA150 Digital Color Theory
FNDA135 Image Manipulation
PHOA112 Photographic Design OR FNDA105 Design Fundamentals
PHOA122 View Camera Theory OR VIAA242 Studio I
PHOA105 Photojournalism
PHOA115 History of Photography I
PHOA123 Color Management and Printing
PHOA202 Studio Photography
PHOA203 Photographic Post-Production
PHOA213 Time-Based Media I
PHOA222 Web Design for Non-Majors OR GWDA133 Fundamentals of Web Design
PHOA223 Advanced Lighting
PHOA233 Advanced Photographic Post-Production
PHOA232 Portraiture
PHOA208 Business of Photography OR VIAA370 Professional Development
PHOA205 Advertising / Art Direction
PHOA305 History of Photography II
PHOA209 Portfolio I
PHOA212 Editorial Photography
PHOA302 Location Photography
PHOA312 Applied Portraiture OR Art Elective
PHOA303 Time-Based Media II OR VIAA347 Studio II
PHOA307 Photographic Essay
PHOA315 Creative Concepts
PHOA309 Portfolio II
PHOA317 Photography Criticism
PHOA308 Marketing for Photographers OR VIAA371 Professional Development II
PHOA332 Special Topics I
PHOA409 E-Portfolio OR VIAA361 Studio III
PHOA412 Special Topics II
PHOA408 Photography Marketing and Portfolio Package OR VIAA484 Exhibition and Portfolio
PHOA406 Internship

General Education Courses

ARHA125 History of Western Art I
ARHA126 History of Western Art II
ARHA200 Greek and Roman Art OR PHLA105 Philosophy of Aesthetics
ARHA226 Postmodernism and Contemporary Art
ARHA228 History of Non-Western Art Art History or Humanities Elective
CGSA202 Computer Concepts and 2-D Applications OR ARHA324 Abstract Expressionism
COMA112 Principles of Communication
ENCA101 English Composition I
ENCA102 English Composition II
ENGA202 Critical Writing in the Arts OR Advanced Writing Elective
GE Science Elective
GE Psychology Elective
GE Humanities Elective
Other GE Electives
MATA115 Applied Mathematics OR MATA101 College Algebra

Total Credits for Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree 180

Program Electives

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