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Manuel Ganoa

Digital Photography
Miami International University of Art & Design

Manuel Ganoa

Now, many years later after retiring from the military, the door was opened and I'm in the process of completing my degree. I came full circle and now here I am. Manuel Ganoa Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Photography, , Miami International University of Art & Design

My path to school was not typical. I retired from the United States Navy in 2013 and after talking to a Veterans’ Affairs representative in Miami, decided to pursue a degree in photography. My instructors are fantastic and creative professionals. The studio concentration classes provide a sincere critique of my work and ultimately show me how to produce a better-detailed piece of photography.

There are many, but three are most influential to me—Edward Yanowitz, Wes Carson, and Judy King. Instructor Yanowitz was my first photographer instructor at [Miami International University of Art & Design], while Instructor Carson provided the path for me to learn, adapt, achieve, and gain essential experience in photography, including lighting, printing, and knowledge on the use of DSLR cameras and post-production. Instructor King provided the necessary professional development for either post-secondary education or self-business and right down to the finest precise detail but, more importantly, they all gave this Navy veteran a reason to believe in a dream late in my career that's come true. 

What's to See
My photography is primarily about landscape, fine-art, abstract and minimalistic. I enjoy shooting both color, black and white and being at the right moment. Several of the techniques that I use are in the detail of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. As an achieving artist it's important to know these tools not just attending class but using them on a daily basis. I take great pride in my photography and when I’m not using my Canon 80D with 135mm lens then even my iPhone will come in handy to compose the right shot. It's not entirely about the equipment, but how much you desire to push yourself to greater limits.

Where to Find my Work
My website—
Instagram: mannyg75043

Last fall I had the great experience and honor to have had two pieces of my work at Andy Gato Gallery at Barry University, Miami. I also had several photos used for publication in association with the city of Miami Downtown Development Authority's 2016 Annual Report, which was a part of a coordinated effort with MIU's Photography Special Topics class and Miami's Downtown Development Authority—DDA, which united both photography and visual art students to provide amazing and important photography for the city of Miami and was special recognition to both faculty and staff. Finally, I want to include who, for the past several months, have recognized 13 photographs from my travels and portfolio. I am appreciative, humbled and very much look forward to a successful career launched by the dedicated professionals at MIU.