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Damar Fairbanks

Fashion Design

Men's Performance Lifestyle Designer
Miami International University of Art & Design

Damar Fairbanks

You have to make this a lifestyle. You always have to stay updated on fashion and market trends and network with people from various industries. Damar Fairbanks , Men's Performance Lifestyle Designer Associate of Arts in Fashion Design, 2009 , Miami International University of Art & Design
Damar Fairbanks is working as a men’s performance lifestyle designer at Under Armour in Baltimore, Maryland. He’s responsible for designs, fashion and market research, and creating presentations. “I come from a humble background and I never thought that I would one day be designing for one of the top companies in the nation. My hard work and dedication led me here and my aim is to one day become a creative director—and lead a team of young designers into realizing their dreams—just like I am [doing],” he says.

Damar reached his goals by pushing himself. “Never get too comfortable in your position, as there are many out there looking to replace you.” He says that he took a risk when he left a position at Perry Ellis and relocated to Los Angeles. “I had to struggle for a while, but I quickly learned that I had to broaden my skills to be able to compete with the best in the industry—and it paid off.”

Now that he’s working at Under Armour, Damar says that fashion is his lifestyle. He stays updated on trends and networks with people to keep building his contacts. Damar looks to see what others are doing in social media and music. “You have to love this industry and your job because it’s not always glitz and glamor.”

He also served for five years in the United States Army. This experience, combined with his education at Miami International University of Art & Design, helped him to understand that believing in yourself, having respect for others, and working hard can pay off. He encourages current students to have confidence in their abilities. “Listen and take advice from your instructors because they speak from experience. Treat your peers with respect because you never know who you might end up working with, or for.” 

In 2009, Damar graduated with an Associate of Arts in Fashion Design from Miami International University of Art & Design. He says that he experienced the benefits of his hard work when he landed his first job—with Perry Ellis International. “But the biggest achievement and testament to my dedication was when Under Armour welcomed me and made me a part of the team. I feel like I am right where I belong.”