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Welcome to The Art Institute of Wisconsin

This Art Institute school is no longer accepting new students. Currently enrolled students can find out more about the programs in the Catalog.

Welcome to The Art Institute of Wisconsin! Our faculty, staff, and students all share a common bond: creativity, dedication, and a commitment to excellence in their endeavors. We all take great pride that our Art Institute is a wonderful place to teach, work, and learn.

Our faculty—many working professionals and seasoned educators—share their depth and breadth of knowledge and experience in order to prepare you for the rigors of the workplace. We work to foster a collaborative environment that promotes artistic freedom and challenges each of us to continue to grow personally and professionally. Our general education offerings have been carefully chosen to complement the core curriculum. General education courses develop communication skills, stimulate creativity and originality, and help you embrace global perspectives and cultural diversity. These courses can enhance your work in your program of study, and most importantly, can cultivate the intellectual curiosity required to be an active lifelong learner.

Our commitment to our students extends beyond graduation. As a member of The Art Institutes system of schools, graduates continue the relationship socially and professionally throughout their lives as they join more than 175,000 alumni from more than 50 schools, as of June 2016.

Our success as a school is measured by your success. You can encourage your success by taking an active, responsible role in your education. We’re glad that you’ve chosen us as your partner as you continue your educational journey.


Julie Ashlock
Dean of Academic Affairs
The Art Institute of Wisconsin