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Kasandra Ptacnik

Fashion Design

Fashion Design Coordinator for Aalfs Manufacturing
The Art Institutes International Minnesota

I networked, did my research, traveled for interviews, and focused on my strengths and what I had to offer. [That] helped me to land a very rewarding job where I am able to travel and forecast trends. Kasandra Ptacnik , Fashion Design Coordinator for Aalfs Manufacturing Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design, 2015 , The Art Institutes International Minnesota

Fashion Design Coordinator for Aalfs Manufacturing

Kasandra Ptacnik is a fashion design coordinator for Aalfs Manufacturing, a denim and twill manufacturer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She’s responsible for developing products for customers and researching trends for future seasons. “Some days, I travel for fashion or fabric shows and meet with customers. Other days, I am working on presentations, sample orders, or choosing colors and fabrics for future seasons,” she says.

Kasandra admits that finding a job in her field was challenging. She found herself choosing between two jobs in very different locations. “As much as location meant a lot to me, I decided to go with the job that will take me further in my career.” Kasandra adds that she also chose her current company because it is concerned with its environmental footprint and focused on giving back to the community. “If [fashion is] your passion, it should come naturally. It definitely shapes how you live.”

Kasandra, who in 2015 earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design from The Art Institutes International Minnesota, says that her instructors brought valuable experience into the classroom. She also found inspiration from her fellow classmates. She encourages current students to fight through difficult challenges. “Push through, stay passionate, and learn from the outcome.”

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