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Robert Dunn

Culinary Arts

Chef de Partie and Featured Chef at Dinner Lab
The Art Institutes International Minnesota

Robert Dunn

Never lose focus on why you originally wanted to go to culinary school. Never lose the passion. Robert Dunn , Chef de Partie and Featured Chef at Dinner Lab
Diploma in Art of Cooking , 2014 , The Art Institutes International Minnesota

Chef de Partie and Featured Chef at Dinner Lab

As a Chef de Partie and featured chef at Dinner Lab in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Robert Dunn creates menus and prepares meals for parties of 100-200 people. “When I finish traveling for Dinner Lab each time, the comments and feedback I get from guests means a lot. It helps me to grow as a chef—and [to do] even more research,” he says. Robert explains that he’s responsible for making sure that each order is correct and up to standards—and for preparing food “with love.”

He does admit that the culinary field can be challenging. “We don't know everything there is to know about food.” Because of this, he continuously researches to learn more about food and preparation. “The commitment to your craft and passion is very necessary. Open your mind to new things. You will learn so much that way.”

Robert recommends that current students never forget why they chose to study culinary arts. As he grows in the role of chef, Robert looks to other culinary artists for inspiration. “Sometimes I am up late at night trying to figure out my next menu or dish. Volunteering is important as well—never lose focus on giving back.”

Robert, who in 2014 earned an Art of Cooking Diploma from The Art Institutes International Minnesota, says that his education helped him to realize the high standards within the culinary industry. He adds that in culinary arts, creativity is everything. “Love it but don’t let it consume you. Be persistent and humble and cook with love.”

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