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Tanya Forga

Interior Design

Interior Designer for Sicora Design/Build
The Art Institutes International Minnesota

Tanya Forga

[My projects] start as a pile of material samples with scribbled sketches that blossom into a beautiful and livable space. In the end, my efforts lead to the biggest accomplishment of all - seeing my clients happy. Tanya Forga , Interior Designer for Sicora Design/Build
Bachelor of Science in Interior Design , 2013 , The Art Institutes International Minnesota

Interior Designer for Sicora Design/Build

Tanya Forga is an interior designer for Sicora Design/Build in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She’s responsible for managing clients, selecting materials and products, cabinet design, ordering product, and staging showcase homes. She says that there’s no typical work day in her line of work—each day brings a new challenge. “Since I work in such a small company, we all wear many hats and I get to help with everything from onsite meetings with project managers to selecting product and materials with clients.”

Tanya admits that the transition between school and becoming an interior designer was not always easy. She worked hard to build both communication and what she refers to as “people management” skills. Tanya says that her job requires her to work very closely with clients. “Everyone’s personality is different and doesn’t always align with [mine]. I must communicate with them in the most efficient way in order to get the design intent across.” She treats every situation uniquely to be sure that all ideas are respected and represented.

This flexibility has served her well as she’s taken on more design responsibility. “My level of commitment has been high. I’ve been put in uncomfortable situations that in the end have made me a better designer. I’ve made sacrifices to move forward—but I want to be clear that it’s all been [my] choice. I’ve worked strategically to get to the position I’m in today.” She says that current students need to keep their minds open to the possibilities and remember that design is important and valuable in the marketplace.

Tanya, who in 2013 earned a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from The Art Institutes International Minnesota, says that her education “woke up the artist” in her and showed her that art can be practical, beautiful, and functional. “The instructors I had changed the way I thought [about interior design]. My clients come to me expecting that I have the skills it takes to mold a space that suits them. My instructors pushed me to use elements of design, knowledge of art history, and raw imagination to create my ideas.”

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