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Digital Filmmaking & Video Production
Associate of Arts
Published January 1, 0001

Student Learning Outcomes

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Producing & Directing: Graduates will demonstrate the ability to conceptualize, plan and execute different styles of media productions. Graduates will demonstrate an understanding of their leadership and collaborative responsibilities in relationship to artistic partners, crews, clients, the wider community and their own personal development.

Writing & Critical Thinking: Graduates will demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate ideas, stories and expectations in written work. Graduates will have an understanding of the historical, cultural and social contexts for moving images.

Cinematography & Lighting: Graduates will demonstrate control of camera, cinematic and lighting equipment in relation to a given subject.

Graduates will demonstrate control of audio recording and sound equipment in a variety of applications. Graduates will show ability to create a meaningful relationship between image and sound.

Editing & Post-Production:
 Graduates will demonstrate appropriate skill in editing with attention to duration, shot to shot relation, shot to scene and relation to the whole. Graduates will demonstrate a basic understanding of design principles in use of typography, motion graphics and animation, as well as compositing and image processing skills (where applicable).

 Graduates present and conduct themselves professionally and demonstrate an understanding of specific career paths, job responsibilities, and industry expectations.

Program Courses

AUDB101 Fundamentals of Audio
DFVB102 Introduction to Filmmaking Applications & Design
DFVB103 Fundamentals of Video Production
DFVB111 Principles of Cinematography
DFVB105 Conceptual Storytelling
DFVB107 Fundamentals of Producing & Directing
DFVB113 Fundamentals of Editing
DFVB133 Lighting for Digital Film
DFVB202 Digital Cinematography
DFVB212 Broadcast Graphics I
DFVB203 Editing
DFVB204 Or DFVB323 Acting & Directing Or Short Media Production
DFVB213 Studio Production
DFVB233 Electronic Field Production
DFVB290 Associate's Portfolio I
DFVB300 Associate's Portfolio II


MT113 Ideas of Mathematics
COM105 Public Speaking
EN101 English I
PS101 Introduction to Psychology
HA223 Art History III: Art of the Modern World
HA305 History of Contemporary Art: 1945 to Present

Total credits required to graduate: 90

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