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Welcome to The Art Institute of New York City

You enter college with your talents and goals. At The Art Institute of New York City, we see our role as providing those educational services that help you develop your potential.

An education from The Art Institute of New York City is not a process where we hand you skills and knowledge. You must take responsibility and get involved. Here, you have the opportunity to learn from professionals in a hands-on environment. You also have the opportunity to make both professional contacts and lifelong friends. On your part, it means engaging fully, eyes and mind wide open.

There’s a vibrant energy here, one that fuels a desire to do your best. You are supported by a close and caring community bound by mutual respect for each other’s opinions. You are also part of New York City, where you can profit from the texture that makes it one of the nation’s most exciting places to go to school, work, and live. We have a reputation within the art and design communities for graduates who are assets to the companies that employ them. We are here to make sure that your experience with The Art Institute of New York City is the best it can be. Join us, seek us out, and tell us how we can help you achieve your education and career goals. You are responsible for reading the policies contained within the catalog, the student handbook, and any subsequent policies provided by The Art Institute of New York City. Understanding and fulfilling these requirements will help you to become a responsible student.