Volunteering Builds Skills and Boosts Your Resume

March 23, 2018

It is imperative to meet the demands of our global market. One way to boost your resume and build your skills is by volunteering. While time is often an issue for many adults, volunteering shows that you are willing to go the extra mile. It also provides you with the opportunity to meet people and to learn new skills.

Here is a checklist of just some of the benefits:

• Giving back and helping others—This is an obvious benefit because when you help others, not only does it boost your own self esteem, it helps others, too.
• Meeting new people is also a great way to find career opportunities and to build a network.
• Learning new skills from volunteering is always a great way to add more to your resume.
• Building community awareness also comes from volunteering.
• Research also concludes that volunteering may improve your health, according to National Community Service.

These are just some of the key benefits that you may gain from volunteering. Community and civic engagement are essential elements at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh—Online Division. Every year, our faculty, staff, and students volunteer their time in many ways to help a variety of non-profit agencies. The service that they provide is immeasurable. When you give back, you gain so much more.

This year, we want to bring faculty and students together across the country for our very first “Art of Giving” Event! 

Art of Giving Logo

During the month of June, we are encouraging faculty and students to sign up to volunteer through our site. We will connect volunteers who are within close proximity together in order to join forces in volunteering their time at a variety of social service agencies across the country and online. If you want to get involved, be sure to watch for more information in late March, early April 2018!

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