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Media Arts & Animation
Published May 1, 2016

Student Learning Outcomes & Requirements

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  • Upon completion of the Certificate in 2D Animation certificate program, graduates will be able to develop and execute accurate freehand drawings, render textures & tones on human figures, draw expressive images of body language, with weight and balance. They will be able to develop original characters, model sheets and compositions. They will be able to develop a production schedule and exposure sheets, design and render a presentation storyboard, apply camera angles, point of view, and a variety of shots.


Program Courses

Program Courses

C220 Intermediate 2D Animation
C230 Advanced 2D Animation
C440 Portfolio for 2D Animation
FNDA110 Observational Drawing
FNDA135 Image Manipulation
MAAA101 Language of Animation & Film
MAAA102 Life Drawing & Gesture
MAAA111 Animation Principles
MAAA122 Drawing & Anatomy
MAAA202 Character & Object Design
MAAA204 Acting & Movement for Animators
MAAA212 2D Animation
MAAA222 Story-boarding & Animatics
MAAA363 Advanced Illustration for Production

42 quarter credits required for a 2D Animation Certificate

Program Electives

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