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Media Arts & Animation
Published May 1, 2016

Student Learning Outcomes & Requirements

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  • Upon completion of the Certificate in 3D Animation program, graduates will be able to create, build, and modify multiple complex 3D models, generate 3D animation, and animate 3D armatures. They will be able to create 3D models, create simple and complex surface materials, perform renders as well as prepare CG assets that are suitable for compositing into still or live action imagery. They will be provided with foundational tools that are used for animation, such as rigging and skinning, and will create animation to test the rig. Also, students will create 3D assets and environments from real world observations, camera positioning and animation to create mood and atmosphere, including depth of field, static, motion, zoom, pan, dolly and truck in camera movement for 3D computer animation


Program Courses

Program Courses

C440 Portfolio for 2D Animation
MAAA111 Animation Principles
MAAA212 2D Animation
MAAA213 3D Modeling
MAAA222 Storyboarding & Animatics
MAAA223 Hard Surface & Organic Modeling
MAAA232 3D Animation
MAAA242 Character Modeling
MAAA243 Material & Lighting
MAAA302 3D Character Animation
MAAA303 3D Character Rigging
MAAA312 Animation Studio
MAAA313 Advanced Lighting & Texturing

39 quarter credits required for a 3D Animation Certificate
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