Kitchen & Bath Design

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Kitchen & Bath Design
Associate of Science
Published May 1, 2016

Student Learning Outcomes & Requirements

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  • Client Expectations: Graduates will demonstrate design and visual communication skills to meet employer and client expectations.
  • Design Skills: Graduates will apply industry guidelines to generate design solutions that meet client needs.
  • Practical Application: Graduates will apply concepts of construction and mechanical systems to evaluate appropriate installation procedures and code compliance for kitchen and bath applications.
  • Professionalism: Graduates will employ professional and ethical business management practices.
  • Materials Knowledge: Graduates will select and specify products and materials appropriate for design solutions.


Program Courses

Program Courses

FNDA120 Perspective Drawing
GWDA101 Applications & Industry
INTA101 Architectural Drafting
KB110 Introduction to Kitchen and Bath Design
KB122 History of Kitchen and Bath
KB123 Building Systems and Codes for Kitchen and Bath
KB124 Kitchen and Bath Visual Presentation Techniques
KB134 Kitchen and Bath Construction Applications
KB135 Bath Design
KB136 Products and Sources
KB222 Kitchen and Bath CADD
KB223 Advanced Kitchen and Bath Drafting
KB240 Kitchen Design
KB241 Lighting Design
KB252 Advanced Kitchen Design
KB253 Advanced Bath Design
KB261 Kitchen and Bath Design Studio
KB262 Kitchen and Bath Business Practices
KB370 Portfolio
KB371 Internship I
KB372 Internship II

General Education Courses

ART1000 Introduction to the Visual Arts
COM1010 Introduction to Communications
COM3010 Advanced Communication
ENG1010 Composition and Language
ENG1020 Composition and Language II
MTH1010 College Math
PSY1010 Introduction to Psychology
Social Science Elective 2000+ level

95 quarter credits required for a Kitchen & Bath Design Associate of Applied Science degree
(online Minnesota Residents Only)
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