Portrait Photography

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Digital Photography
Published May 1, 2016

Student Learning Outcomes & Requirements

  • Meet industry standards for creating professional portraits using appropriate lighting solutions based on client needs.
  • Assist in managing the complex tasks of a commercial portrait photography studio.
  • Present a competitive portfolio that meets market standards for entry-level employment in the portrait photography sector.


Program Courses

Program Courses

FNDA135 Image Manipulation
PHOA101 Principles of Photography
PHOA102 Introduction to Photography Applications
PHOA103 Digital Image Management
PHOA109 Certificate Portfolio
PHOA112 Photographic Design
PHOA113 Lighting
PHOA122 View Camera Theory
PHOA123 Color Management & Printing
PHOA202 Studio Photography
PHOA208 Business of Photography
PHOA218 Marketing for Photographers
PHOA223 Advanced Lighting
PHOA232 Portraiture

42 quarter credits required for a Portrait Photography Certificate
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