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Why is an Associate degree important?

Earning an associate degree is an excellent first step for preparing for a variety of entry-level or technical roles within the creative arts. Associate degree programs are typically about half the length of a bachelor’s program and incorporate a mix of programmatic, art foundations, and general education courses. Credits earned in an associate degree program often can be evaluated to determine if they can be counted toward a bachelor’s degree, giving you a strong start if you decide to continue your creative arts education in the future.

What are the advantages of getting an Associate degree online?

Everyone’s schedule is different, but we all know what it means to be busy. Luckily, an online associate degree program can give you the flexibility and control you need over when and where you learn, making it easier to balance your personal, professional, and academic life. So rather than worrying about rushing to campus after work or fighting highway traffic, you can access your online associate degree courses on-demand, 24/7, anywhere you have your own computer and an internet connection. 

Why should students apply for an Associate degree at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division?

At The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division, our online associate degrees can prepare you to pursue a career you’ll love in Visual Design, Interior Design, or Photography. In our engaging online classes, you can work closely with your fellow students and be inspired by their passion, creativity, and work ethic. 

Guiding you as you refine your raw talent, your instructors will also be committed to sharing their valuable industry knowledge and providing one-on-one mentorship throughout your associate degree online program. Request information or apply today to get started.

Online Associate Degrees Offered:

Visual Design

Online Graphic & Web Design (AS)
Online Web Design & Interactive Media (AS)

Interior Design

Online Kitchen & Bath Design (AS)
Online Kitchen & Bath Design (AAS)- MN Residents Only


Online Digital Photography (AS)