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Why is a Diploma program valuable?

Diploma programs are non-degree programs designed to help you gain knowledge and skills in an area that’s new to you. Because diploma programs focus solely on that area, most programs don’t include general education courses and typically can be completed in less time than a bachelor’s or associate’s degree program. By introducing you to a new set of skills, these programs can help you expand on your existing professional experience and prepare you to take on different roles and responsibilities in your creative career.

What are the advantages of getting a Diploma online?

When you choose to get your diploma online, you’ll have the flexibility you need to fit learning into your daily life. Because you can log into the classroom from anywhere you have access to your computer and the internet, you can decide when and where you learn, without the hassle or expense of travelling to a college campus or the need to rearrange your work schedule around designated course times.

Why should students apply for a Diploma program at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division?

If you’re interested in developing skills in Digital Design, Web Design, or Residential Planning, our online diploma programs can help you master the fundamentals and create a portfolio of sample work. Depending on your program, you can earn your diploma online in as little as 15 months.

Throughout your online diploma program, you’ll experience a passionate arts community, with students and faculty all connected by a commitment to pursuing a life of creativity. In your courses, the instructors will be your mentors, providing one-on-one attention and a supportive environment where you can experiment, learn, and grow. Many instructors hold terminal degrees and continue to actively work within the fields they teach.* Request information about earning your diploma online at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division or apply today to take the first step toward making your goals a reality.

Online Diploma Programs Offered:

Visual Design

Online Digital Design Diploma
Online Web Design Diploma

Interior Design

Online Residential Planning Diploma