Online Classroom

All encompassing. All online.

Your creativity is your destiny. And our online college courses are designed to deliver an online education that’s both comprehensive and convenient. It’s an experience you’ll share with students whose passion and commitment mirror your own. And throughout, you’ll be guided by talented instructors with real-world experience who’ll push you, challenge you, and most of all support you on your journey from student to professional.

Our faculty and staff receive extensive training to help them enrich your online education at every step from admissions to academics to financial aid. It’s all about helping you reach your goal of launching a creative career where you can do what you love.

Online Course Experience

What can you expect from our online classes? 24/7 access to your online classroom and a learning experience with a level of flexibility you just can’t find on campus. Instructors who use real-world examples and assignments to teach you the skills that matter most in the workplace. An engaged online community of students from across the country, connected by their shared creativity and drive.

At The Art Institute of Pittsburgh–Online Division, you can count on an online learning experience that helps you build the experience you need for the creative career you’ve always wanted.

Online Classroom Demo

Click our online classroom demo.

Watch this quick online course tutorial and see just how easy it is to connect with instructors and classmates, ask questions, check class schedules, assignments, and grades, get tutoring and tech support, join online library discussion forums, access interactive elearning tools, and more.

Online Course Samples

Sample our online courses.

Our programs reflect the high standards of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division. Each interactive online course is focused on the skills you need, immersing you in one subject for 5½ weeks before moving on to the next. Check out these video examples of our online courses to learn more.


Online Graduation Team

Introducing your graduation team

At The Art Institute of Pittsburgh—Online Division, you’ll have a three-person online graduation team supporting you from the day you reach out to us until the day you earn your degree. Throughout your program, the people on your graduation team may change, but their goal of helping you succeed will always be the same!

Admissions Representative

Your first contact will be an Admissions Representative who will answer your initial questions, guide you through the admissions application, help you develop a personalized student success plan, and assist you with online orientation and your first course.

Student Finance Counselor

A Student Finance Counselor will walk you through the options available for paying for your online education, assist with your required financial paperwork, and answer your questions about tuition, scholarships, finances, and more.

Academic Counselor

When you have questions about your program, need help creating a study plan, or want advice on how to balance your busy schedule, you can turn to your Academic Counselor. Academic Counselors work diligently to make your online learning experience the best that it can be, from your first course through to graduation.