Louise Maynor

Louise Maynor

Digital Photography , 2017
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh — Online Division


I’m listening to what my client likes about my work, how they want to be photographed, and I’m finding their beauty and fusing it together in creative and inspirational ways that we both love. Louise Maynor Associate of Science in Digital Photography, 2017 , The Art Institute of Pittsburgh — Online Division
What are your future plans in regards to your creative work and career? 

The first film frame I ever exposed was a conceptual portrait, over 15 years ago. My future is in portrait work. I have always loved taking photos of people and seeing how they are reflected through my eyes. I truly believe there is beauty in everyone and I find deep satisfaction in taking portraits of people for that reason. I have given my business, Illuminated Anchor, a good boost of marketing and printing out all my work for show and meeting my community since graduating. 

My career is aimed at high-end editorial portraiture, specializing in couples, siblings – siblings are some of my favorite subjects to shoot! – and individuals. I would love to have a studio one day, but I know that isn’t in the cards for me for another 5 years or so, since I am preparing for a long-distance move in the near future. 

Currently, I am taking everything I’ve learned and marketing with aggression to be able make the move and have enough to re-market and buy land when I get to where I’m going. I have the utmost confidence in my career and technique to be able to move it anywhere, and I’m extremely grateful I was able to learn how to do that through The Art Institute of Pittsburgh—Online Division.