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Rikki Carl

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I am always learning, even after all my experience and schooling. Rikki Carl Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design, 2017 , The Art Institute of Pittsburgh — Online Division

Graphic Designer, Freelancer Creates Event Signage, Calendar Graphics, Flyers, Posters

Rikki Carl is a graphic designer for the Bryan & Amanda Bickell Foundation, responsible for creating signage for events and galas, creating calendar graphics and layout, brochures, flyers, posters, and web design. Her work experience includes an internship at Creative Powers, Inc. that turned into a full-time position. She also worked for a congregation, creating marketing materials and graphics.

To complement her freelance work, Rikki spends approximately six hours a day working at the foundation office. She says that the industry requires commitment and long hours—something that she had to teach herself. “I was never really studious in high school, no matter how hard I tried. When I started art school, not only was it my hobby, I was 100% invested and interested. This made the commitment to succeed much easier.” She completed a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh—Online Division in 2017. 

Rikki says that she’s outgoing, fun, and energetic. “I am extremely professional when I need to be, but as an artist, I think it is so important to feel comfortable when doing my work. That might mean listening to music or having a fun and decorated desk.” She took a leap of faith by offering her services to the Bryan and Amanda Bickell Foundation. “Because of that, I got the job working for them. If it wasn't for my confidence and outgoing determination, I never would have ended up working for such a great cause and great group of people.” 

She also found that her comfort level in talking with clients grew as she became more confident in her abilities. “When I was working for Creative Powers, Inc. I started to feel more and more comfortable talking and working directly with some of the clients. Because of that, I now have a good level of comfort in working with my personal clients and reaching out to them and others to offer my design services.”   

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