Interior & Product Design

Interior &Product Design

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Build a better future.

You can learn to make things that are smarter, simpler, and better—from the tools people use to the places where they live and work.


The mission of the Interior Design Bachelor’s Program is to prepare students to obtain entry-level positions in their field and function as trained professionals. Students conceive and develop viable design solutions within the interior environment utilizing creative, critical, and technical methodologies. They are prepared for the purpose of improving the quality of life, increasing productivity, and protecting the health, safety, and wellbeing of the public by incorporating function, aesthetics, and environmentally sustainable products. By meeting the educational goals, students should develop an attitude of flexibility and a desire for life-long learning necessary to meet the changing demands of the interior design profession.

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Program Areas

Industrial Design

Industrial Design

James Ma

Industrial Design , 2006

The Art Institute of Seattle

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You can learn to design and manufacture products that meet the demand for the next-­generation everything as you take your ideas from concept to prototype.

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Interior Design

Tricia Wright

Interior Design , 2015

The Art Institute of California—Sacramento, a campus of Argosy University

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You can develop the technical and creative skills to design attractive interior spaces that meet strict requirements for safety, accessibility, and sustainability.