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Marketing & Entertainment Management
Bachelor of Science
Published June 1, 2016

Student Learning Outcomes

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Upon Successful completion of the program, graduates will have the opportunity to:

  • Evaluate and integrate business and legal principles and practices, including intellectual property rights and copyright laws of the marketing and entertainment industries.
  • Analyze consumer behavior utilizing messaging, branding, target markets, demographics, psychographics, and cultural, social and individual variables to influence the buyer decision process.
  • Demonstrate an ability to communicate concepts both written and verbally. They will possess oral, written and listening skills needed to interpret the needs of clients and to present project concepts to multiple audiences.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the interdependence between marketing/ marketing objectives and the event/promotion lifecycle and be able to evaluate and critique their ideas.
  • Demonstrate professional presentation; articulation of knowledge of marketing and entertainment management; mastery of industry standards, professional practices and ethics.

Program Courses


RS092 College Success
ADVA101 Fundamentals of Advertising
ADVA201 Fundamentals of Marketing
ADVA204 Consumer Behavior & Persuasive Sales Techniques
ADVA208 Principles of Marketing Research
ADVA214 Advertising Copywriting
ADVA303 Interactive Advertising
ADVA307 Brand Strategy
ADVA322 bDigital Media Campaigns
ADVA328 Public Relations
ADVA402 Online Community Management
DFVA208 Media Business Practices
FADA308 Fundamentals of Business
GWDA101 Applications & Industry
MRKA101 Survey of Marketing & Entertainment Management
MRKA104 Business Communications
MRKA111 Office Systems
MRKA121 Networking & Client Management
MRKA141 Entertainment Business Accounting
MRKA203 Project Management
MRKA204 Scriptwriting for Event Management
MRKA205 Marketing & Promotions in the Entertainment Industry
MRKA213 Preproduction
MRKA214 Public Relations Writing
MRKA223 Producing & Production
MRKA233 Artist Management
MRKA305 Business for the Entrepreneur I
MRKA306 Event Management I: Music & Theater
MRKA315 Business for the Entrepreneur II
MRKA316 Event Management II: Television & Film
MRKA326 Event Management III: Conferences
MRKA336 Internship OR MRKA346 Marketing & Entertainment Workshop
MRKA406 Senior Project
MRKA408 Advanced Promotions
MRKA409 Portfolio I
MRKA418 Media Business Practices II
MRKA419 Portfolio II
PHOA101 Principles of Photography
PHOA222 Web Design for Non-Majors
Elective I*
Elective II*


HU110 College English
HU111 Effective Speaking
HU130 Visual Language & Culture
HU430 General Education Capstone
MS111 College Algebra OR MS114 Traditional Geometry
Humanities Requirement – Upper Division
Humanities Art Requirement – Upper Division
Humanities Writing Requirement – Upper Division
General Education Requirement
General Education Requirement – Upper Division
General Education Requirement – Upper Division
Mathematics & Sciences Requirement – Upper Division
Social Behavioral Sciences Requirement
Social Behavioral Sciences Requirement
Social Behavioral Sciences Requirement – Upper Division


Program Electives

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