Alumni Stories

Eric Christopher Jackson

Graphic & Web Design

Self-Employed Resident Artist
The Art Institute of California—Orange County, a campus of Argosy University


My instructor, Mr. Frawley, helped to rekindle my passion for creative writing, which led to three self-published poetry collections. Eric Christopher Jackson , Self-Employed Resident Artist Associate of Science in Graphic Design, 2011 , The Art Institute of California—Orange County, a campus of Argosy University

Creates Artwork that is Exhibited Through Artbox Gallery in Zug, Switzerland

Eric Christopher Jackson is self-employed resident artist. His creations are created, sold, and exhibited through The Artbox Gallery in Zug, Switzerland. They’ve also been featured in art fairs including Spectrum: Miami and Art Basel. “As a resident artist, I understand that it is not solely the responsibility of the gallery to promote my work. Oftentimes, I begin with posting an art piece to social media, such as Instagram or Facebook. I write an art blog at least once a week,” he says. Eric checks in regularly with the gallery in Switzerland to see how sales are going and to share new pieces. He also shares his work with interior designers, real estate agents, and art consultants to obtain new contracts for collaborations.

Eric finds it interesting that his work represents a gallery in a country he’s never visited. “I am having my first group exhibition at the gallery in Switzerland. The world seems smaller; it's so cool that my work has traveled places I have not.”

He adds that having international work is exciting and has increased awareness of his work. “When the gallery signed me, the price of my artwork increased. Then, I began to see the competition I'm up against. With the work of so many amazing contemporary artists at major exhibits, I realized I have to get better in order to be recognized on a consistent basis.”

Eric admits that it isn’t easy being an artist. “I’ve been very stubborn about sticking with my goal to become a professional artist. It took years to improve the style of my artwork.” After many attempts to make his career goal a reality, he entered an art competition in the summer of 2016. “By winter of that year, my art piece was one of three finalists at Spectrum: Miami. Enough attendees voted for my art piece to make it the winner.” A few months later, Eric was invited to become the resident artist for the gallery that had held the competition. “It is truly mind-boggling how life can turn around.”

Eric, who in 2011 earned an Associate of Science in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of California—Orange County, says that his education helped him to identify the areas of art that he’s passionate about. When he first started at the school, he was enrolled in a photography program, but he quickly found that he didn’t have a knack for it. Moving on to graphic design helped him to eventually transition into contemporary art prints. He’s also interested in creative writing and has three self-published poetry collections.

Eric advises students to forge their own path. “Figure out what you’re good at. Focus on improving your craft as much as possible. Just because things get tough it doesn’t mean that you’re headed in the wrong direction. It simply means you have to fight for what you want.”

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